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Pause a Membership


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  • Bonnie Elliott

    Do you just click the 'pause' button again to have the membership start up again? If so, does the expiration date automatically change based on the number of days the membership was paused? This information should be added.

  • Hailey McClellan

    Hi Bonnie, when a membership is paused, auto-billing is deferred to the next month and so is the expiration date. Thank you for the question, the information has been added! 

  • Heather Watson

    Does membership pause work for an annual membership?  And if so, does it just push the expiration date back a month like the auto-billed ones?

  • Jered Hoover

    Still not clear if you ask me. So, if it is a month-to month type of membership, then we will have to manually hit the PAUSE button again next month? per Hailey's above comment, I read that as to the payment is deferred to the next month, meaning it will be charged? Also, is there a way to charge a 'paused' fee? If you wanted to charge someone $5 per month while 'PAUSED', is there a way to add that when PAUSE button is hit?


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