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CivicRec's messaging services can be used to send out approximately 200 emails and 200 SMS messages per minute across all client environments together. This does not include emails and SMS message volumes being sent from dedicated hosting instances. While CivicRec's communication capacity is sufficient to meet standard recreation management communication needs, it is important to understand these limitations and options as follows:

  • Deliverability is impacted by a number of things outside of our control (i.e. valid email addresses, receiving email service, etc.), which means that CivicRec cannot guarantee delivery.
  • CivicRec's communication tools are NOT intended to be used as Emergency Notification/Communication tools and SHOULD NOT be expected to perform as such. For more information about Emergency Notification tools, reach out to your client success manager about CivicPlus's Mass Communication solution, CivicReady.
  • CivicRec's newly available Custom SMTP Server option allows clients to send emails from CivicRec through their own email server. For some clients, this option helps to achieve better performance and control. If you are interested in learning more, please contact CivicRec Technical Support. 

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