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CivicRec Functionality Classifications and Processes

Item Designation Definition Disclaimer
Current Functionality (Out-of-the-box) The CivicRec Product Suite currently provides the functionality requested or an alternative CivicPlus believes addresses the need. In the event CivicPlus believes the requested functionality is covered by an out-of-the-box product via an alternative method, CivicPlus will make notes of such an alternative. It is the Client’s responsibility to determine if the functionality requested can be adequately met by standard CivicRec functionality or a proposed CivicPlus alternative. Any additional development desired will be handled through our “Roadmap” or “Escalated Priority Development” classifications and processes.
Roadmap The requested functionality is not currently provided by CivicRec. However, it is on our future enhancement roadmap. The enhancement roadmap may be altered at the sole discretion of CivicPlus, due to demand, client needs, or technology changes and development cannot be guaranteed. The development and timing of feature releases are solely at the discretion of CivicRec to prioritize. Although not guaranteed or contractually binding, in some cases, CivicRec can provide an estimated development timeline for requested items. If the item requested is vital and feasible to meet your goals, it may then be re-classified as Escalated Priority Development. In which case, final pricing may change to reflect the additional costs.
Escalated Priority Development Item is not included in the current functionality of CivicRec. CivicPlus either does not have the feature on its roadmap or it is planned later than the Client desires. If vital to meet the Client’s need, this feature would require additional discussion, dedicated scheduling, and engineering to develop. Proposed scope does not include any feature or functionality deemed an Escalated Priority Development (EPD). All EPD features will require additional discussion, CivicPlus approval, and agreement of scope prior to commitment of delivery. If an EPD is approved, all costs for development and implementation will need to be contractually agreed to by all parties prior to beginning any development.


Important Note

CivicPlus and Client shall agree upon the detailed requirements and items not included in scope for such requested functionality. All agreed upon Escalated Priority Development items shall be further clarified and scoped between the parties to enable alignment on interpretation and limitations of the requested functionality. Upon alignment of the terms of such Escalated Priority Development items, the parties will sign CivicPlus’ standard Escalated Priority Development Agreement/Acknowledgement, to be incorporated into the final Agreement/SOW between parties. 

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