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General Ledger (GL) Code Import


The General Ledger (GL) Code Import comes complimentary with every CivicRec Implementation. This article outlines the process and requirements for submitting the GL Code Import Template.



  1. Download the GL Code Import Template to your desktop.
  2. Complete the following Columns:
    • Column A - GL Code: REQUIRED field with no formatting requirements (<50 characters).
    • Column B – GL Code Description: REQUIRED field with no formatting requirements.
    • Column C – GL Code Account Type: REQUIRED field and MUST BE one of the following
      • Asset
      • Liability
      • Revenue
  3. Save the completed template and submit to your Implementation Consultant/Project Manager on Mavenlink.


  1. Must have [at least] one Asset Account for Payments and any Pre-Funded Scholarships.
    • When customers pay, their money passes through the Payment Account and is directed to the appropriate Revenue Account.
    • If you do NOT have a pre-determined Asset Account, one will be created during your Configuration Training.
  2. Must have [at least] one Liability Account for each Refund Type, any Post-Billed Scholarships, and/or if you plan on issuing Gift Cards.
    • When a customer is refunded, the money is taken out of the appropriate Revenue Account and passes through the appropriate Refund Account (Liability) and back to the customer, with the exception for Credit/Debit Card refunds).
    • If you do NOT have pre-determined Liability Accounts, each Refund Type Liability Account will be created during your Configuration Training.
  3. Must have [at least] one Revenue Account to direct payments and for reporting purposes. This could include a catch-all if you are a small operation or hundreds if you’re a larger operation.
    • Note: CivicRec does not support Fund Accounting

Template Example


Finished Import Example

To view GL imports in CivicRec, navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > GL Configuration > Chart of Accounts 




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