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The Residency Import is a contracted item for CivicRec Implementation. This article outlines the process and requirements for submitting the Residency Import Template.



  1. Download the Residency Import Template to your desktop.
  2. Complete the following Columns:
    • Column A – Street Name: REQUIRED
    • Column B – Street Type: REQUIRED
    • Column C – House Number: REQUIRED IF there is NO range of addresses
    • Column D – Odd From: REQUIRED IF using a range of addresses
    • Column E – Odd To: REQUIRED IF using a range of addresses
    • Column F – Even From: REQUIRED IF using a range of addresses
    • Column G – Even To: REQUIRED IF using a range of addresses
    • Column F – City: OPTIONAL
    • Column I - OPTIONAL
  3. Save the completed template and submit to your Implementation Consultant/Project Manager on Mavenlink.


  • Street Type MUST match types from the USPS abbreviations
  • Determine if you’re using House Number or a Range of Addresses first
    • If using House Numbers DO NOT complete Columns D-G (Odd/Even From/To
    • If using Range of Addresses DO NOT complete Column C (House Number)
  • Formatting for addresses that contain 1/2 or Letters should be included in Column A – Street Name NOT Column C – House Number:
    • Example: 1/2 Houston
    • Example: D 17th
  • 1st First: Must include both on the import. This will ensure that whichever way the user inputs their address, they will be recognized as a resident. For example, 19000 First St. and 19000 1st St. must be included in your import.

Template Examples

House Number Format

Range of Addresses Format

Finished Import Examples

Configuration > Organization > Local Resident Criteria

House Number Format

Range of Addresses Format


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