Instant Scanner Configuration

Scanner Requirements

  • Must be able to emulate RS-232 (Serial) ports
  • If continuous scan is required, the scanner must support continuous scan
    • Not all scanner that emulate RS232 will support continuous scan

Setting Up Instant Scan

  1. Install the CivicRec Tray Application
  2. Configure the CivicRec Tray Application (Must configure once per workstation)
  3. In the settings window:
    • Set “Use Barcode Scanner” to "1"
    • Find Barcode Scanner COM Port (You may have to look in Device Manager to figure this out)
    • Select Multiple Pass Behavior (Manual or Automatic)

  4. Configure your Scanner
    • Scanner may or may not be set to continuous scan (this is a feature of the scanner)
    • Scanner must be set to emulate bi-directional serial port
      • Note: This will vary scanner-to-scanner, but it may be referred to as RS232

  5. Enable Scanner through CivicRec

  6. Make sure the Checkin-In Instant Scan option is set to “Yes” in Organization > Organization Options 

  7. Log into CivicRec and select the location
    • Note: This step may already be complete in your case

  8. Select Check-in > Enable Instant Scan 
    • Note: Any time a new user logs in or the user changes location, they must re-enable Instant Scan.

  9. Once configured, you should see the following notification

Using Instant Scan

Manually Entering a Member Number

  1. Right-click the tray application icon and select Enter Member Number

  2. Enter the user’s member number in the pop-up window

  3. Choose the membership to scan in 

  4. Lastly, you should see a notification stating whether or not the check-in was successful or not

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