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Add a Prerequisite Activity to a Session


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  • Tim Moran

    So this does not work if you have multiply membership types. Is there a way to make a program only open to members without going the prerequisite way?

  • Laura Pate

    The information provided is out of date. There is now a Require One or Require All option. When I select Require one it does not work, it still wants to require all upon registration. Also, I am trying to use this option for programs with a membership like Tim Moran. We want people to be able to register for a spot in a fitness class for which they already paid an annual membership fee.

  • Becca Drake

    Hi Tim and Laura,

    Thank you for your comments. Our Support team has identified a bug that is affecting this feature. If you would like to receive updates from our Engineers, please contact Support.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team


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