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Add a Prerequisite Activity to a Session

TRIANGLE.png Critical Note: This feature is currently affected by a known bug. Our engineers are working to get this feature back as soon as possible.




This article will show you how to add a Prerequisite Activity to a new session. This may be useful if you want participants to pay an Annual Fee and/or Annual Insurance, or to force a participant to complete a prior activity in a step-based activity progression. Unless a user has registered (either currently or in the past) for the prerequisite activities, they will be blocked from enrolling in this new session. Users must meet all prerequisite requirements before they will be able to register. 


Important Note

  • The prerequisite activity must already exist in CivicRec. 
  • Existing Memberships that are that are imported into CivicRec during implementation via the Membership Import cannot be used as valid prerequisites. 


  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List
  2. Select Create Session
    • Note: Alternatively, click the Add Session button by an existing activity.
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  4. Next to Prerequisite Activities, select Add Item next_to_prerequisite_sessions__select_add_item.jpg
    • Note: Pre-Requisites can also be added to Activities by selecting Add Item when you create a new activity prerequisite_activities_add_item_to_activity.jpg
  5. Search for and select Items to add as prerequisites search_for_and_select_prerequisite_sessions.jpg
  6. Select Any Account MemberBlock Registration, and/or Allow Expired 
    • Any Account Member: This will allow any individual account member within the entire account to register for an Activity as long as one account is registered for the prerequisite.

    • Block Registration: This will block registration for the attempted Activity if the prerequisites are not met. If this box is not checked, the Prerequisite Activity will automatically be added to the cart.

    • Allow Expired: This will allow an expired prerequisite to be used during registration. For example, if an Annual Membership expired on February 1st but registration occurs on February 5th, the Annual Membership will still be recognized as meeting the prerequisite.

  7. Select Save New Session to save session with prerequisites select_save_new_session.jpg

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Tim Moran

    So this does not work if you have multiply membership types. Is there a way to make a program only open to members without going the prerequisite way?

  • Avatar
    Laura Pate

    The information provided is out of date. There is now a Require One or Require All option. When I select Require one it does not work, it still wants to require all upon registration. Also, I am trying to use this option for programs with a membership like Tim Moran. We want people to be able to register for a spot in a fitness class for which they already paid an annual membership fee.

  • Avatar
    Becca Drake

    Hi Tim and Laura,

    Thank you for your comments. Our Support team has identified a bug that is affecting this feature. If you would like to receive updates from our Engineers, please contact Support.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team