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Edit an Existing Discount



Discounts attach to various conditional fee discounts, such as local-resident discounts, early registration discounts, manual/custom discounts, program registrations, or facility rentals. This article will show you how to edit an existing Discount.



1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Discounts


2. Click the Edit tool (pencil icon) next to the Waiver you want to modify


3. Make desired changes to Discount Settings

  • Discount Name: Discount Name
  • Discount Type: Discount Type
  • Qualifying Participant: Type of account members (any account member, same registrant, etc.) who qualify for discount  
  • Qualifying Activity: Activity sessions that qualify for discount
  • Qualifying Timeframe: Timeframe in which discount is valid
  • One Time Discount: Check to limit discounts to one per checkout
  • Exclusive Discount: Check to prevent discount from being combined with other discounts
  • In House: Check to make discount valid for in-house purchases
  • Online: Check to make discount valid for online purchases
  • Applies To: Type of account members (residents, non-residents, etc.) who qualify for discount
  • Default Amount: Set default discount amount and select or 
  • Default GL Code: Set default GL code
  • Applies Over: Select a minimum number of qualifying members for discount
  • Applies Under: Select a maximum number of qualifying members for discount
  • Instructor Applicable: Check to include discount in instructor fees
  • Auto-Billing Applicable: Check to include discount in recurring auto-billing charges


4. Select Save Discount 


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