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Program Periods


Activity Sessions, Program Period, and Program Period Sessions View Settings


The Hide from Online Viewers, Show Period Online, and Show/Hide All Sessions Online settings function differently from one another, while also working in conjunction with one another.

Important Note

  • Both the Show Period Online and Show All Sessions Online values must be set to show online if you want to view these sessions. One is for the session level, and the other is for the program period level. Neither checkbox affects the other.


  • "I want to show all my sessions on the online catalog": make sure all sessions have the value "hide from online viewers" unchecked (which can be done quickly from the "show all sessions online" button on the program periods list) AND make sure your program period has the value "show period online" checked.
  • "I want to show none of my sessions on the online catalog": either make sure all sessions have the value "hide from online viewers" checked OR make sure your program period has the value "show period online" unchecked.
  • "I only want some of my sessions to show on the online catalog": make sure your program period has the value "show period online" checked AND the specific sessions you want to hide have the value "hide from online viewers" checked.

Hide from Online Viewersselect_advanced_tab__hide_from_online_viewers.jpg

  • The Hide from Online Viewers setting hides the individual activity session when checked.

Show Period Online


  • The Show Period Online checkbox hides the Program Period as a whole if unchecked. When checked, it will show all sessions assigned to that Program Period provided the individual session does not have its own Hide from Online Viewers box checked.

Show/Hide All Sessions Online


  • The Show and Hide All Sessions Online button sets only the "Hide from Online Viewers" checkboxes for each session. It does not set the value for the "Show Period Online" checkboxes. This must be done separately if you wish the program to show up.

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