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This Guide describes items needed for Data Entry.

We will go through the Configuration Module and build the settings you wish. Please bring:

  • Copy of your General Liability Waiver
  • Copy of any form currently being used
  • Copy of any / all public policies (refund, cancellation, privacy, photo, etc.)
  • List of all known “prompt” questions – Questions you may ask at the point of registration or facility booking
  • List or Brochure with fees/charges (to set up add-ons and discounts)
  • List of General Ledger Accounting numbers – Descriptions / Titles of each (to set up financial settings)
  • Information on any Scholarship Programs
  • Brochure / Publications with all rentals and program information
  • Building locations / facilities within the system
  • Attaching addresses / digital photos / descriptions
  • Building rate types
  • Attaching prompt questions / forms / waivers

Please bring:

  • Brochure / Publications with all rental fees, facility descriptions, file with digital
    photos and any miscellaneous information
  • Idea of what questions you wish to ask when doing a reservation
  • Which facilities, if any, will be available to a patron online and which will not
  • Building program periods and categories to complete the creation of the catalog in configuration
  • Build activities and session including all events, classes, memberships, etc. within the system
  • Attaching facilities/digital photos/descriptions
  • Building in the fees, add-on’s and discounts
  • Attaching any prompt questions/forms/waivers

Please bring:

  • Brochure / Publications with all program information including descriptions and fees
  • Activities should be grouped into categories to make it easier for both the public and internal staff to find and manage activities. Please assemble a list of all applicable Activity categories for your organization.
  • Catalog Tabs are a way to organize your categories and activities, facilities, Point of Sale Screens by color and type for you public.
  • Upcoming Program Information (default registration opening dates, upcoming session dates, descriptions, etc.)
  • Idea of what questions you wish to ask when doing a registration
  • What programs / memberships will be available to a patron online and what will not
  • Building all POS screens and workstations
  • Entering all POS items
  • Training on how to add / change inventory
  • Training on selling a POS item

Please bring:

  • List of all POS locations (i.e. front desk pool, front desk office, etc.)
  • List of all POS items with fees and associated GL codes 

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