CivicRec clients using CP Pay will have a planned outage on 9/25 starting at 10 pm CST. Payment processing will be unavailable for a minimum of 2 hours while we complete database maintenance.

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Failed Transactions


Failed Transactions will occur from time to time in your CivicRec system. This is often due to the high number of transactions that are being processed. The industry average for (single) online payment failure/decline is anywhere from 5% to 8% of all transactions.  

Common reasons for an online payment to fail:

  • User Authentication Error: Card number gets keyed incorrectly or address does not match
  • Card Limit: Card max transaction/daily spending limit has been reached
  • Invalid Card: Card has expired
  • Insufficient Balance: Not enough money in the account
  • User Dropped: Clicked a button too many times, refreshed the page or lost internet connection

Please ensure you address the following issues before you contact Support:

  • Validate Card Information: Confirm that the card number, name, and address are all correct and up-to-date
  • Internet Connection: Make sure there are no internet connection issues
  • Transaction History: Check if other transactions have been successful since the declined transaction
  • Merchant Logs: Check the merchant logs to see why it was declined
  • On CP Pay: Call your merchant to see why it was declined


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