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CP Pay Third Party Gateways


The spreadsheet below lists the third party gateways CivicRec supports on the CP Pay platform, as well as the credentials that CivicPlus needs to configure the gateway.

Third Party Gateways

Braintree Tempus Forte Cybersource
Merchant ID RNID Login ID

Profile ID

Public Key RNCERT Trans Key

Merchant ID

Private Key Form Subdomain Organization ID

Access Key

  EMV - Y/N? Location ID

Secret Key


Soap Key


EMV - Y/N?


PayPoint/First Data Openedge Converge
Form URL Token Account ID

Login ID

Web Service URL Device Model User ID


Security Key Entry Mode PIN


App ID EMV - Y/N? EMV - Y/N?


 EMV - Y/N?    



LexisNexis JetPay    
Business Unit Code Client ID  


Product Name Client Key  


Integrated Service Username Payment Type ID  


Integrated Service Password    




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