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Send an Email to Waitlist Participants



If an activity has an active waitlist and a spot has become available you send an email to the participant to enroll themselves.

Important Notes

  • The invitation link is valid for 24 hours. When the invitation is sent to the participant, the information (number of Emails + Expiry date and time) is updated in the "Invitation Status" column. The system cannot send an invitation to participants without an e-mail address. The Invitation Status column also displays information if the invitation link expired. A public user cannot register for the session after the link expires.
  • Internal users can send multiple e-mails to the same participant. The participant will not be able to use the link if the participant has already registered or has been removed from the waiting list. The email contains the session name and client abbreviation (as in the Organization Information page). When the session name is not available, the system uses the name generated based on the format configured in the Organization Options page. When the sessions do not use blank names, the activity name displays in the email.


  1. View the Waiting List for an Activity
  2. Check the participant(s) you would like to send an email invite to enroll
  3. Click on the Email Participants button

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