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The Facility Check-In screen will allow you to view information regarding reservations you have due in on a specific day. Information that you will be able to see on this screen includes the facility where the reservation is to take place, the first and last name of the citizen who made the reservation, the check-in and check-out date of the reservation, the number of nights the user is staying, and a link to the receipt.

You can check-in and check-out users on this screen.

Important Notes

  • This is just the first step in building out this functionality. Subscribe to our Release Notes to follow our Enhancements on this feature.
  • You can not pull reports based on this information. All of the data will live on the check-in screen.
  • If a user does not show up for the reservation for the day that is was scheduled, they will show up on the check-in until their reservation as ended. So, for example, a citizen was supposed to check in for the reservation on the 21st, and they will stay at the campsite until the 23rd. If they do not show up on the 21st when an admin looks at the screen on the 22nd the user will still be there to be checked in. They will not disappear from this list until after the 23rd.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Check-In
  2. Select the appropriate location in the top right corner
  3. Add the date you would like to view under Filters
  4. Click View in the prompts column
  5. View how the renter responded to the prompt questions
    • Note: To change a response to a prompt, select the appropriate response.

    • Note: If there are fees associated with a prompt, changing the answer will not generate an adjustment.

  6. To check in the citizen, click Check In
  7. View the user under the On Property tab once they have been checked in
  8. Click Check Out when ready to check out

Now, the citizen will move to the checkout screen. If the checkout happens on a different date than what was planned for the original reservation, the checkout date will not update. It will maintain what the original reservation called for. If needed, you can undo check-outs from this page as well.

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