Reports Marked as "Scheduled for Removal"


At CivicPlus®, we strive to develop high-impact and robust software for our clients. We are committed to offering you the most up-to-date technology and features, which means adding innovative functionality, and sunsetting outdated or infrequently used offerings.


You will notice that some reports in your CivicRec® software are marked as scheduled for removal. Please rest assured that before we remove these reports permanently, we will provide you with a detailed and advanced timeline so you can prepare accordingly. We are also working on evaluating replacements for many of these reports to ensure you continue to have access to the data and insights you need to manage your parks and rec operations effectively.

If any of the reports that are scheduled for removal are ones that you use often, please share that feedback to your CivicRec Technical Support Team. Such information is critical to our ongoing report evaluation and replacement planning process.

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