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POS Screens


Configure POS Items, POS Screens, and Catalog Tabs


This article will show you how to configure and associate POS Items with POS Screens and Catalog Tabs. All of these items help you display things on the Catalog, in order for users to easily navigate through the Catalog and process transactions. 

A few brief definitions:

  • POS Items: The individual item that you want to make available for purchase (eg: Gift Cards, User Credits, Concession items, etc)
  • POS Screens: Organizes POS Items into back-end categories; POS Screens do not display on the Catalog
  • Catalog Tabs: Tabs that display on the Catalog


Important Note

POS screens are not public-facing. Rather, they are designed for internal use only. If you are not signed into a location as an internal user, you will not see the POS screen for that location. 



  1. Create a POS Item
  2. Create the POS Screen
  3. Associate a POS Item with a POS Screen
  4. Associate appropriate Merchandise on Tabs (AKA POS Screens) with the Catalog Tab you want the POS Items within the POS Screen to display on
  5. View the POS Items underneath the Merchandise Tab on the Catalog

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