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The Facility Permit Editor is a powerful tool that allows you to create reservations, adjust reservations, bill out permits, and more! This article will help you navigate through this module in your CivicRec system. 

The Facility Permit Editor can create over 100 reservations and bill out over 200 reservations. If you reach 100 or more reservations when you create the permit or bill out over 200 reservations, Background Jobs will automatically initiate which allows you to perform other duties while the CivicRec System creates or bills out your permit.





  1. Template: Select a Permit Template when you create the template

  2. Facilities: Select facilities to add to the reservation dates

  3. Dates & Times: Configure the date and time of the reservation
    • Recurring: Configure the reservations as recurring
    • Time Adjustment: Use the Bulk Time Adjustment Wizard to edit the Date and Time of existing reservations on the Permit

  4. View Options
    • Bookings: View existing reservations (you cannot add existing reservations to the permit)
    • Conflicts: View conflicts when you create your reservation(s)
    • Availability: View availability for the date/time/facility
    • Price Estimates: View price estimates
    • Consolidated List: Create the permit as a consolidated list, which adds the reservations as a single line item, instead of multiple line items on the receipt

  5. Calendar: Use the calendar to select the day(s) of your reservation(s)

  6. Preview: View events that will be on your permit
    • Focus Calendar: View on calendar
    • Prompt Responses: Apply prompt responses to dates
    • Manage Rates: Apply rates/discounts/addons to dates
    • Remove: Remove a reservation date from the permit

  7. Permit #: View or adjust the permit number

  8. New Permit: Create a new permit

  9. Permit Lookup: Lookup an existing permit

  10. Account/User Lookup: Choose an account/user to own the permit

  11. Options
    • Event Title: Create a permit title
    • Status: Choose a reservation status (eg: On Hold, Reserved)
    • Setup/Teardown Time (Minutes): If applicable, indicate how long the setup or teardown of the event will take
      • Note: This does add additional time to the reservation, but you will not be charged for this extra setup/teardown time.
    • Reservation Notes: Enter any relevant notes
    • Alternative Reservation Description: Add an alternative description that will replace the text in Reservation Notes that displays on the permit
      • Note: You can use Alternative Notes to provide a more public note for residents, versus an internal note for staff (reservation note).
      • Note: These Alternative Notes do not display on the Calendar or in Reports.

  12. Save
    • Save Permit: Saves the permit
    • Save as Estimate: Save as a price estimate
    • Permit Number: After you save, the Permit # will appear on the left-hand side

  13. View
    • View Permit: View a preview of the permit
    • Background Jobs: View ongoing background jobs

  14. Bill Out: Process a transaction for the permit


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