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Background Jobs in the Permit Editor


Background Jobs is a View option in the Permit Editor. That view option will show you a list of queued and complete jobs that are running in order to complete saving or billing out your Editor.

The Permit Editor will automatically run and complete background jobs. It will run background jobs if you want to Bill Out over 100 or more reservations or save a permit with 200 or more reservations.

You can view the list of background jobs for a permit by clicking on View > Background Jobs button in the Facility Permit Editor.


You can view the last 25 background jobs with the following information

  • Type
    • Permit Save: Job to save a and create a permit
    • Permit Billout: Job to bill out the selected reservations and create a receipt
  • Start Time: Time when the job started
  • End Time: Time when the job completed
  • Warning: Number of warning messages when processing the job
  • Errors: Number of error messages when processing the job
  • Status: Complete, In Progress, Errors, Warnings
  • View Details: Enables the user to view the other details of the background job, and retrieve the link to the permit/receipt

Complete Background Jobs

When the background job completes, CivicRec will alert you using the notification in the top right corner of the toolbar. The notification includes the Job ID # to distinguish between different queued jobs. You can navigate to view the details by clicking on the OK button. If you want to view the details later, click Cancel. You can view details with the Background Jobs view in the Permit Editor.


Important Notes

Whenever you Bill Out a permit and run Background Jobs, CivicRec:

  • Does not apply the checkout settings such as Prompts, Waivers, and Forms to the reservations
  • Sets the payment as Balance Due (Pay Later) in the user’s account.




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