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The amount of time varies based on the number of line items (reservations, add-ons, discounts) in the permit. It should take anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes or more for larger permits with more than 3,000 line items from the job start time.

The job-start time is not the same as the job-creation time. Job-start time is the time at which the queued job is picked up and executed by the cron job. 

Currently, there is no way to cancel a scheduled Background Job.

The Permit Editor cannot distinguish between two duplicate jobs at the time of creation. However, when the second job is executed, there should be conflicts with existing permits/reservations. The Permit Editor will identify and include those conflicts in a warning/error message.

No, a submitted job cannot be edited. The permit can be later adjusted to reflect the changes.

Yes, the consolidated list will still work. By default, large permits are saved as Consolidated Lists. Receipts with large reservations are generated as consolidated receipts. 


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