Merchant Account (Credit Card) Processing


CivicRec CP Pay Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the 3% +$0.30/transaction fee include the Interchange fees from Visa & Master Card?
    • Answer: Yes
  • Who invoices the 3% +$0.30/transaction fee?
    • Answer: OpenEdge
  • Do you send paper invoices at Net 30?
    • Answer:  Yes. We send a monthly statement for processing the prior month.
  • How are chargebacks handled? 
    • Answer: Chargebacks show on the merchant's statements. The merchant will need to speak with our customer service to investigate further and get it resolved.
  • How are American Express cards processed and at what cost?
    • Answer: As long as annually Amex is under $1 million, it is included in the same statement and rates as the other card brands.
  • Does the merchant absorb the entire responsibility for PCI compliance?
    • Answer: We all have our own responsibility to be PCI compliant. The merchant would still need to be PCI compliant.
  • Who are all the players and what are their roles?
    • Players: CivicPay, CP Pay Merchant, OpenEdge, and Global Payments
    • Roles:
      • CP Pay is our payment solution service here at CivicPlus.
      • Within CP Pay, we offer CP Pay Merchant which is what we call our merchant account solution that is provided by our partnership with OpenEdge.
      • OpenEdge and Global Payments are the same company. OpenEdge is a division of Global Payments for integrated payments.

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