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Create a Restriction



The Restrictions feature allows you to set limits to the number of reservations that can be made during a specific time frame, the number of consecutive days that facilities can be booked, and the number of facilities that can be booked on the same date/time.

This article will show you how to create a new Restriction.


Restrictions Options

  • Concurrent Reservations: Restricts how many reservations can be made for a facility that occurs on the same date
  • Consecutive Days: Restricts how many days in a row can be reserved at a particular facility
  • Reserved Dates Within Time Period: Restricts how many days can be reserved within a certain timeframe (Non-Consecutive)


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Restrictions
  2. Click Create Restriction
  3. Fill in fields
    • Title: Create a title
    • Residency: Choose to apply to residents only, non-residents only, or both
    • Restriction Type: Select Concurrent Reservations, Consecutive Days, or Reserved Dates Within Time Period
      • Note: The Reserved Dates Within Time Period applies per facility, not across all facilities at selected locations.
      • Concurrent Reservations: 
        • Reservation Count: Enter how many reservations
      • Consecutive Days:
        • # of Max Consecutive Days: Enter the number of maximum consecutive days
      • Reserved Dates Within Time Period:
        • Date Count: Enter count
        • Timeframe In Days: Enter a number for how many days within the timeframe
    • Locations (optional): Select locations from the drop-down
  4. Click Save New Restriction

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Cathy Haynie

    We have some facilities with more than one space to reserve. We need to be able to pick the "child" not just the facility or the ability to only allow one reservation per day.

  • Avatar
    Joseph Crain

    Hi Cathy,
    I am on the CivicRec Support team. What it sounds like, after reading your comment, what you're needing is what the system already does. We would be happy to work with you and figure out what is going on and get things working to how you need them. Feel free to call in at 888.228.2233 Opt 2 then Opt 4. I can also create a ticket, which will send you an email, and we can communicate through that email. Feel free to let me know how you want to proceed and I hope you're having a wonderful Friday.

  • Avatar
    Amy Barnes

    We have a similar issue to Cathy's. We need to restrict reservations of one facility in a location to two consecutive days. The rest of the facilities in this location can be reserved for as many consecutive days as needed. I've created the restriction and selected the location, but individual facilities are not an option and I can find no place in the facility configuration to indicate a restriction like this.