Account Management


Account Actions


Account actions are very useful tools found on every user account.

  • Catalog: Make a purchase on behalf of an account member
  • Waiting List Status: View a list of waiting list entries for the whole account
  • Transaction Browser: View a list of registrations, payments, and credits for this account
  • Voids, Refunds, Transfers: Perform voids, refunds or transfers via the transaction browser
  • Merchant Log History: View a list of credit card payments for this accout
  • Account Statements: View or generate statements for this account
  • Contact Account Holder: Send a message, file, or receipt to this account holder's email address
  • Designate Account Holder: Switch the account holder on this account
  • Account Contact Preferences: Adjust the opt in/out settings for the account
  • Add Existing Account Member: Move an existing user into this account
  • Cards On File: Manage cares on file for this account
  • View Balances: View and manage overdue or upcoming balances, and changes their due dates or take payments
  • Adjust Balance: Manually adjust balance due
  • Adjust Credit: Manually adjust account credit
  • Indicate Bad Payment: Account for bad checks and reverse credit card charges
  • Account Action Log: View the history of edits on this account
  • Email Log: View the history of emails sent to addresses on this account
  • Documents: View documents attached to this account


Navigation Instructions

  1. From the Accounts tab, search for the user
  2. Select the user
  3. Account Actions will display on the right

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    Angela Tao

    What are the security settings to be able to made changes to the "View Balances" section?