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Set Up User Credit as a POS Item



This article will show you how to set up user credit as a Point of Sale (POS) item. 


  1. Navigate to POS Items
  2. Click Create POS Item
  3. Fill in fieldsis_user_credit.png
    • Name: Name the item User Credit
    • Description: Create a description
    • Group: Select a category
    • Screens: Select screens
    • Price: Insert the amount of user credit
      • Note: Internal staff members are not required to insert a price, you will just enter the amount you want to purchase as a staff member. However, we recommend that you create default amounts ($10, $25, etc.).
    • UPC Code: Not applicable for user credit
    • Additional Settings: Will vary based on your configuration settings
      • Is User Credit: Must check this box
        • Note: If enabled, this item sells as user/account credit. If not enabled, it will just be counted as purchasing a POS Item.
  4. Select the GL Codes tab
  5. Click Assign GL Code
  6. Fill in fields
    • GL Dropdown: Choose appropriate GL code(s)
    • Price: Enter a dollar amount or percentage
  7. Addons and Discounts are not generally applicable to User Credit
  8. Click Save New POS Item
  9. View user credit on the Catalog

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