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Edit a POS Item



This article will show you how to edit an existing POS Item


  1. Navigate to POS Items
  2. Expand a POS Group
  3. Click the Edit Tool next to your desired POS Item
  4. Edit your POS Item
    • Basics
      • Name (required)The name of your item which will be displayed in the catalog
      • Description: A description of the item
      • Group (required): Select the category (or create a new group by selecting the + symbol) that you would like to see this item categorized under
      • Screens: Select one or more screens under which your groups will be displayed; see Create a POS Screen
      • Price (required): Price can be left at the default setting of $0.00
      • UPC Code: Enter a UPC code to further identify the item
        • Note: This field is optional.
    • Additional Settings
      • Track Inventory: Select this option if you wish to track inventory on your item
      • Button Color: Allows a button color to display on POS screen
      • Gift Card: Generates unique gift code to claim as user credit
      • Price Includes Tax: Select if the item price already includes tax; selected tax rate(s) should back out at checkout instead of applying on top of the price
      • Taxes: Select tax rate, if applicable
      • Is User Credit: Select this option if you intend for a credit (in the amount of the price set you have set for the item) to be put on your customers account at the time of the sale
      • Is Admission: Select this to have the sales of this item display in Admission reports
      • Item Date: Only enter this information to defer revenue in the general ledger
      • Prompts: Select one or more prompts which would require responses at the time of checkout
      • Archive: Select this to hide the item from the main POS screen and catalog
      • Note: Some of these options will change or not display, depending on your Organization Options.
  5. Click Save POS Item

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