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Add Associated Users to an Organizational Account


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  • Brian Haines

    Is there any functional benefit to add users onto an Organizational Account?

    It would be really helpful if an Associated User were able to view scheduled bookings, pay fees, or possible even request bookings, for the Organization, but that does not appear to be implemented.


  • Brian Picinic

    Agreed Brian. If an Associated User, it would be helpful if they can request bookings and do things for the organizational account. As it stands, we haven't seen much benefit to adding an Associated User. For instance, if an organization has 2 contacts from 2 different departments, but same organization. One may need to be a rental for their event and another staff person may need to book a different rental for their department on a different day and time. Right now, only the user with the username on the Organizational Account can do so. The individual account holder who is an Associated User seems very limited to do anything at all.

  • Veronica Richard



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