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Create an Organizational Account



This article will show you how to create an account for an Organization. This type of account is useful because it allows internal staff members to make purchases on behalf of an organization.


Important Note

Organizational accounts are internal use only. Your clients will not be able to log in online to an organizational account.



  1. On the homepage, click Setup New Account

  2. Toggle to Organization for the Account Type

  3. Fill in fields
    • Basics:
      • Account Type: Choose Organization
      • Organization Name: Enter your organization's name
      • Point of Contact: Enter the name of your organization's main point of contact
        • N/A: Choose a suffix for the name (Jr, Sr, II, III, etc)
      • Organization Email: Enter your organization's email address
      • Other Fields: Other fields will appear differently due to your site's customization
    • Contact Info
      • Phone #: Enter a phone number, phone label, and carrier for a phone number
        • Note: You can add up to three (3) phone numbers.
      • Email Preferences: Click Add Email to add another email
        • Note: If you only want to add one email address, enter the email address in Basics.
    • Address: Enter the organization's main address information (Street, City, State, ZIP, Country)
      • Residency Override: Choose to force users as residents, non-residents, or to have the user's address determine their residency status (default choice)
    • Account Settings
      • Username: Do not fill out this field
        • Note: You cannot log in as an organization, so they do not functionally have a username.
      • Deactivated User: Indicate if this is a deactivated user

  4. Click Save New User in the bottom-right corner

  5. Add associated users to your organizational account

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