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Contact Customers from the Roster



This article will show you how to contact customers from a roster. 


Important Note

There is a 4-hour delay in the bulk-email function within the CivicRec system, so customers contacted through the roster will receive an email four hours after the action was performed. 



  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List

  2. Find the activity you would like to contact the customers for

  3. Select View under roster

  4. Select Contact
    • Note: This will contact all participants. Checking a participant provides certain functionality, like emailing waivers, transfers, and the other indicated options.

  5. Enter in the email information
    • Sending Address: Select the address you would like the participants to receive the email from
    • Communication Type: Select the type of communication the email is categorized as
    • Email Template: Select the template you would like to use
    • Recipients: Lists the recipients that will receive the email
      • Note: This is where you can add or remove recipients from the email.
    • CC: Allows you to copy others to the email
    • Subject: Type a subject in the subject line
    • Add Attachment: Allows you to add attachments to the email
    • Message: Type the message you would like to send

  6. Select Send

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