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This article outlines what data clearance is and when it should be done in the project.

We want to make sure your project team and engineers understand the implications of clearing data too soon or too late and what you will need to keep track of on your own, should you choose to test within your production environment.

What is Data Clearance?

Throughout the implementation process, we know that there will be a fair amount of testing going on, especially toward the end of the project. We have the ability to clear out test transactions so as not to interfere with reporting once you go live.

We can clear the following types of data:

  • Test Transactions
    • This can only be cleared by data range. For example: "I would like all transactions from Nov 1 – Dec 1 cleared."
    • Any activity sign up or reservation associated with these transactions will automatically be deleted as well.
  • Test Users
    • Option 1 is to clear out all users besides employees
    • Option 2 would be to clear out any users with the word "fake" or "test" in the first or last name.
      • Your staff would have to be cognizant of labeling test users appropriately from the start of the project.
    • Option 3 is to clear out a specific list of users that you have provided to the CivicRec team that you need to see deleted.

Note: Test Activities/Sessions and Locations/Facilities will be your responsibility to delete prior to Launch.

When to Clear Data

The ideal time frame to clear test data is a few weeks prior to Launch. Any testing that needs to be done after this date will need to be done in your sandbox environment.

Two Possible Exceptions

  • If you purchased a User Import: In this case, we would want to clear test users prior to this import being performed.
  • If you need to add balances to accounts: In this case, transactions have to be made in the system. We would want to clear test data prior to your team starting this.

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