League Management


Set Up League Registration


League Management is one of many activity type settings in the CivicRec activity module. The module is a great tool to manage recreational league sports for youth and adult sports. 


  1. Create an Activity for the League
    • Note: Ensure you choose Activity Type, Category as League.
  2. Create sessions in the Activity
    • Note: Choose League Settings on the Advanced tab:
      • Registration Type: Choose between Team or Individual
        • Individual is most often used in Youth Sports.
      • Require Roster Entry: Allows a team manager and coaches to invite players to their roster
        • Note: This setting is only visible if you choose Team as the Registration Type. The ability to send invites happens in the Coach Portal.
    • Note: For the League Portal to appear on a public user's account, you must navigate to the Schedule tab in the Session itself and Add Schedule.

You can configure teams and the league schedule once you register your participants.

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