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Assign Item Tags to Catalog Tabs



This article will show you how to assign Item Tags to Catalog Tabs.

This will help you search for Activities and Facilities in the Catalog


  1. Create and Assign Item Tags to Facilities and Sessions
  2. Create your Catalog Tags
  3. Navigate to Configuration > Public View > Catalog Tags
  4. Edit your desired Catalog Tab
    • Note: The Catalog Tab you choose determines if you see Activity Tags or Facility Tags.
  5. Use the Activity or Facility Tags drop-down to assign Item Tags to your Catalog Tab
    • Note: If you want all of your Facilities or Activities to show as rental options in the catalog view, DO NOT check the box next to any of them. If you only want to show those Facilities with those Item Tags as your only rental options, then check the boxes.
    • Note: If you check the box next to a Facility or Activities with those Item Tags, that will show in the Catalog view to be able to rent.
  6. Click Save Catalog Tab
  7. Navigate to Catalog
  8. Use the Activity or Facility Tag filters to find the catalog items with item tags on them

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