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Close Out


Close Out for Frontline Cashiers/Managers



Close Out is the process in CivicRec to close out a register or till at the end of a shift or day, depending on your process. This module will generate a report based on filters that you can select to generate the transactional information you need; depending on your filters, this report will outline the number and types of transactions taken during that period.

Some customers elect not to use the Close Out module, and instead rely on transactional reports in the Reports module of CivicRec. You can navigate to Reports to access these reports in the left-hand navigation bar.

From here, you can use the Search bar to search for one of our recommended alternatives to the Close Out process:

  • Transaction Detail
  • General Ledger Detail Report

If you require cashiers or managers to count down a till, we recommend reviewing the Close Out process outlined below.


  1. Navigate to Close Out
  2. Select Close Summary or Close Detail, depending on the type of report you want to generate
    • Close Summary: High-level overview of transactions, with a breakdown of the number of payments in each payment type, and a total dollar amount
    • Close Detail: Displays the date/time, check number (if applicable), transaction number and payer, as well as the amount paid, for each transaction
  3. Select filters
    • Note: The report will generate automatically, you do not have to take any additional steps to apply these filters.
    • Transaction Date/Time: Input date/time you want to run for the Close Out
      • Note: This will default to the current date, from 12AM to 11:59PM. You must change this if you want to look for a previous date or if you want to narrow the time frame.
    • Receipt Location: Select locations
    • Workstation: Select workstations
    • Staff Member: Select an individual staff member and view only the transactions processed under that staff member’s login
  4. Use the generated data below the filters to check against your register/till
    • Cash Receipts by Payment Type: Cash Receipts include Cash and Check transactions, as well as the use of User Credit
    • Refunds by Payment Type: Outlines any refunds process and groups them by how they were refunded (IE to a Credit/Debit card, to User Credit or Refund Check Request)
    • Cash Equivalent Receipts by Payment Type: Credit/Debit card payments are considered Cash Equivalent
    • Credits by Payment Type: Documents User Credit given to a public User
  5. Use the Over/Short Transaction tool to itemize the difference if your till is over or under the amounts outlined on the Close Out report
  6. After you check the transactions against your till, you will:
    • Print the Report: Click Print in the top right corner
    • Generate the Close Out: Click Generate in the top right corner
  7. Fill in Generate fields
    • Deposit Ticket Number: Only fill in if there is an internal system for numbering deposits and this corresponds to a Close Out level
    • Cash Receipts Total in Close: Include the amount of cash & check payments enclosed with Close Out
    • Close Notes (Recommended): Use to outline any discrepancies or information relevant to the finance or management team
    • Note: Please ensure the accuracy of your information. This report can only be amended by Finance.
  8. Click Save
    • Note: This will close out all the transactional information from the report, and populate the information in the “Finance Batch Export” for designated users (usually Admin/Finance users) to manage the batch. This process will batch all of the transactions and cannot be undone.
    • Note: If you need to go back and review/print previous Close Outs, go to the Report/Export History icon (administrators only). You can then view the Daily Close Reports (Close Summary and/or Close Detail) organized chronologically for the last 45 days. They will also outline which user closed out.
  9. Click OK to confirm that all amounts are verified

Once you complete the Daily Close Outs, transaction information will display in the Finance Batch Export tab, which is only viewable by Administrators.

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