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Finance Batch Export for Administrators/Finance Staff



Once you complete the Daily Close-Outs, transaction information will display in the Finance Batch Export tab, which is only viewable by Administrators.

The Batch Summary, which includes all information on the Daily Close Out, also displays:

  • General Ledger Codes/Descriptions with the appropriate amounts debited/credited
  • Total (Cash & Equivalent) Receipts by Payment Type: Outlines the Payment Type, Payment Count, and Total amount, itemized by payment type


  1. Navigate to Close Out
  2. Select the Finance Batch Export tab
  3. Set filters
    • Note: The report will generate automatically, you do not have to take any additional steps to apply these filters.
    • Transaction Date/Time: Input date/time you want to run
      • Note: This will default to the current date, from 12AM to 11:59PM. You must change this if you want to look for a previous date or if you want to narrow the time frame.
    • Receipt Location: Select locations
      • Note: If you do not see a location on the list, you will need to ensure that Collects Revenue is checked on its edit page.
      • Note for Frontline Staff/Management: Best Practice is to generate a report for your physical locations and for the Website transactions as well. The Website option shows as an option to select in the locations list.
    • Workstation: Select workstations
    • Note: This will generate the Batch Summary, which includes all information as outlined on the Daily Close Out PLUS:
      • General Ledger Codes/Descriptions with the appropriate amounts debited/credited.
      • Total (Cash & Equivalent) Receipts by Payment Type, which outlines the Payment Type, Payment Count and Total amount, itemized by payment type.
  4. View the report
  5. (Optional) Click the Book icon to view the Report/Export History
    • View the Report/Export History
  6. (Optional) Click Print at the top right to print the report
  7. Click Generate to export the report
    • Note: Please ensure the accuracy of your batch. This batch can only be amended by Finance.
  8. Add an Optional Label Name
    • Note: If you leave it blank, the system will apply your initials and timestamp as the label for the batch.
  9. Click Generate
  10. Click OK to confirm
    • Note: This will redirect you to the Report/Export History tab, where you will be able to see all Batch Reports for the last 180 days.
  11. View options for Revenue Export, Refund Export, and GL Summary Reports for each Batch Report
    • Note: You can use these exports (optionally) in place of a Financial Export from CivicRec to import into your Finance Software.
    • Note: You can also Unbatch if you need to go back a step.

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