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Connect a Serial Printer in Windows


This article will show you how to add a "generic / text only" printer named CivicRec for compatibility and/or serial printers.


  1. Access the Printers section in the computer's control panel
  2. Click "Add a Printer" and set the printer as a "local printer"
  3. You will then have a drop-down menu for what port the printer is on 
    • For serial: This should be set to COM1.
  4. When you get to the screen to select manufacturer/printer, leave it on "Generic / Text Only"
  5. Click Next
    • Note: Make sure you do not make it your default printer. You will not need to share it and you do not need a test page.

The name of the printer should be CivicRec. You should now see a printer in your printer list called "CivicRec." Now, follow the first set of steps with the printer name CivicRec.

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