Configure Membership Settings



This article will show you how to configure specific Membership Settings on an existing Membership Session. 


  1. Navigate to Activities > Activity List
  2. Expand a Membership Activity
    • Note: If you have not already, you must first create an Activity with the Membership activity type.
  3. Edit an existing Membership Session
  4. Navigate to the Advanced tab
  5. Scroll down and configure/view Membership Settings
    • Membership Type: Choose Individual or Family
    • Membership Term: Choose how long the membership is (options range from one (1) day to a Calendar Year)
      • Note: Auto-renew and auto-billing support is based on payment gateway.
    • Recurring Fee: Create a recurring fee
      • Note: Auto-renew and auto-billing support is based on payment gateway.
      • Auto-Bill: Select to enable auto-billing
    • Card-on-File: Choose to make a card on file optional, required, or neither
      • Note: Card-on-file feature is based on payment gateway
    • Auto-Billing Date: Choose a day of the month or the Date of Signup
      • Note: Date of the month each payment gets drafted.
    • Card Style: Select the type of pass
    • Facility Access: Determine which facilities to associate with the Membership
    • Max Facility Scans: Add a maximum amount of scans per facility
    • Max Cards per Household: Add a maximum amount of cards per household
    • Recognize Revenue: Click to enable
      • Note: For memberships longer than one (1) month this setting will defer the revenue evenly across each month to be recognized. Deferred revenue code must be configured for this setting to take effect. When accrual accounting is used, revenue will still be recognized monthly, regardless of when balance payments are made.
  6. Click Save Session

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