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Create a Fee Addon



Fee Addons attach various conditional fees, such as non-resident fees, refundable deposits, equipment/supply costs, etc, to program registrations or facility rentals.

This article will show you how to create an addon.



  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Fee Add-Ons

  2. Click +Create Addon

  3. Fill in fields
    • Addon Name: A basic label that describes this add-on fee
      • Note: It will be visible on receipts and various areas of REC1.
    • Addon Type: Select a type
      • Admin Fee: Use for any transactions that require administrators to process; most groups charge this on refunds
      • Custom Add-On: Customize to suit your group's needs; often used to configure a refundable facility deposit
      • Date Add-On: Allows groups to specify add-ons driven by rental date (i.e. holiday rates)
      • Late Registration Add-On: An extra fee associated with the end registration date and the start date of late registrations
        • To add the late registration fee to an activity, set your end registration date and on the Advanced settings tab on your activity session, put the number of extra days for late registration in the Extra Display Days setting.
      • Non-Resident Add-On: Allows groups to distinguish pricing based on residency
      • Periodic Add-On: Fee you would pay based on a certain time-line
      • Pro-Rated Fee: Pay the prorated fee as opposed to the full cost for a late sign-up
      • Prompt Add-On: Select a corresponding Yes/No or Numerical Prompt
        • Note: When a user selects Yes on the prompt, it will put the Add-On in the cart at checkout. If a user inputs a quantity in a Numeric prompt, it will result in that number of Prompt Add-On fees being added to checkout.
      • Time Add-On: Applies to rentals
      • User Flag Add-On: Associated with a user flag
    • Applies To: Select audience for the add-on
    • Default Amount: Change the default amount
    • Default GL Code: Select a different GL Code
    • Refundable: Indicates this addon is meant to be refunded, like a deposit
      • Note: Useful for facility rental deposits, for example.
    • Include in Item Price: Will not show as a line-item on receipts; will be part of the parent item's overall price
    • One Time Add On: Users can only use this addon one time per checkout
    • Sell as User Credit: Select to allow sales as user credit
    • Instructor Applicable: Determines whether collected fees for this addon will include instructor fees if they use a percentage of registration fees
    • Auto-Billing Applicable: Determines whether this add-on will include in recurring auto-billing charges for memberships
    • Taxes: Select applicable tax type
      • Price Includes Tax: Check to include the tax in the overall price

  4. Select Save New Addon

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Cathy Haynie

    When we created a late registration fee it shows the "until date". How would I add the start date for this add on?

  • Avatar
    Cathy Haynie

    I found that I could change the registration end date then add the late fee.

  • Avatar
    Alyssa Cook

    Hi Cathy,

    Hopefully, you were able to get this issue resolved. Feel free to reach out to Support though if start dates and end dates are still unclear or submit a feature request ( if you would like to see this function altered or expanded.

    Thanks for your time!