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Edit an Addon



This article will show you how to edit an existing Addon. 


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Fee Add-Ons
  2. Select the pencil (Edit) tool next to the desired addon
  3. Edit your Addon Settings (may be different for each item)
    • Note: You may view additional fields, depending on the Addon Type. The following fields will appear for every Addon Type.
    • Addon Name: Change the name
    • Addon Type: Select a new type
      • Note: Other fields may display as available depending on the Addon Type you choose.
    • Applies To: Select audience for the add-on
    • Default Amount: Change the default amount
    • Default GL Code: Select a different GL Code
    • Refundable: Indicates this addon is meant to be refunded
    • Include in Item Price: Will not show as a line-item on receipts; will be part of the parent item's overall price
    • One Time Add On: Users can only use this addon one time per checkout
    • Sell as User Credit: Select to allow sales as user credit
    • Instructor Applicable: Determines whether collected fees for this addon will include instructor fees if they use a percentage of registration fees
    • Auto-Billing Applicable: Determines whether this add-on will include in recurring auto-billing charges for memberships
    • Taxes: Select applicable tax type
      • Price Includes Tax: Select to include the tax in the overall price
  4. Select Save Addon

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