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Adjust a Pending Reservation



This article will show you how to adjust a Pending Reservation


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Pending Rentals 
  2. Enter a Date Range to view specific reservations
  3. Find the reservation you would like to edit
  4. Click the Adjust Rental tool (pencil icon)
  5. Make modifications
    • Rental Adjustment
      • Facility: Allows you to change the facility
      • Rate Type: Allows you to adjust the rate type
      • Adjustment Notes: Allows you to add adjustment notes
      • New Date: Allows you to adjust the dates of the reservation
      • New Times: Allows you to adjust the times of the reservation
      • Fee Override: Allows you to override fees
      • Add-Ons: Allows you to select add-ons for before or after the reservation
    • Basic Details
      • Color: Allows you to change the color
      • Custom Event Title: Allows you to change the event title
      • Attendance: Enter quantity
      • Status: Allows you to change the status
      • Rental Notes: Allows you to add rental notes
  6. Select a Saving option
    • Rental Adjustment
      • Refund: Refund the balance
      • Pay Current Balance: Pay the balance
      • Perform Rental Adjustment: Save changes
    • Basic Details
      • Save Rental Details: Save changes

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Article Feedback

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    Bonnie Elliott

    Just wondering if there is any way to modify a pending rental and stay in the queue until it has been fully vetted? It seems to only be an approved or denied option, which immediately emails out that the permit was approved or denied when staff needs more information before doing a final approval? Also, why isn't a permit number added to the pending rental once staff approves it?