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Create a Flat Rate Type



This article will tell you how to create a Flat Rate Type for a facility.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Facility List
  2. Expand a Location
  3. Edit a Facility
  4. Navigate to the Rate Types tab
  5. Click Add Rate
  6. Fill out the fields
    • Label (required)Create a name for your flat rate
    • Base Fee (required)Create a base fee
      • Note: For a Flat Rate, you must select Block Fee.
    • Grid Pricing Enabled: Select to enable grid pricing, which you can configure on the Grid Pricing tab
    • Fee Limits: Enter a minimum and maximum fee limit
    • Min/Max Units: Enter a minimum and maximum unit size
      • Note: For example, an "hourly" rental with "unit size" of 2, means each unit is 2 hours. The minimum units of 2 would indicate a minimum of 2 two-hour blocks (4 hours total).
    • Dates (required)Select a date range for which this rate is available
      • Note: Click Repeat Annually to have it automatically renew every year.
    • Open Hours (required)Create a From and To hour range of when the facility is open
      • Note: Click Do Not Print to not allow Open Hours to print on the receipt.
    • Schedule Type (required): Use the drop-down menu to select a schedule type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
    • Days: Required if you chose Weekly; select which days to apply the schedule type
    • Taxes: Select tax type(s)
      • Click Price Includes Tax to include the tax amount on the promoted price
    • Account Flag: Select an Account Flag
    • Residency: Select residency requirements (Available to all, residents only, non-residents only)
    • Online Availability: Choose availability features (Online only, in-house only, both)
    • Fee Varied: Click to select varying fee options
    • Max Daily Bookings: If specified, the facility will be unavailable on any date with this number of bookings
    • GL Code: Select a GL Code
  7. Click Save New Rate
  8. Click Save Facility

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