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Create a Facility Permit



This article will show you how to create a Facility Permit.

Facility Permits (AKA Permit Editor) allow you to quickly create permits. You can create large permits all at once, you can bill them out, and you can show your customers a finished invoice.

You cannot add existing reservations to a permit when you use the Facility Permit Editor. Instead, you must generate permits via the calendar.

Important Note

If you want to create and save a permit with 200 or more reservations, the Permit Editor will automatically run Background Jobs. This means that your Permit will not immediately be saved, but the Permit Editor will run background jobs and notify you when they are completed.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Permits
  2. Select a Template
  3. Select Locations/Facilities to add to the permit
  4. Configure the Dates & Times
    • From & To: Create a time-frame for the reservations
    • Recurring: Select this option to create a recurring reservation
      • Recurring Booking
        • Start Date / End Date: Create a start and end date for the recurring reservation
        • Days: Select which days to apply the reservation to
        • Apply: Click Apply to confirm the recurring reservation settings
  5. Configure the View settings
    • Bookings: View existing reservations; cannot add existing reservations to the permit
    • Conflicts: View conflicts
    • Availability: View availability
    • Price Estimates: View price estimates
    • Consolidated List: Select to view reservations all on one line in the Permit
      • Note: An unconsolidated list will display reservations separately for each date, on different lines on the permit. An unconsolidated permit is very long and the consolidated list usually makes creates only a one or two-page-long list.
  6. Click on a date to add the reservation
    • Note: The reservation will automatically add the reservation with the Dates & Times you configured earlier.
    • Note: The permit editor will add a reservation for each facility within the location. You can Remove an undesired Facility reservation on the right-hand Preview.
  7. Preview Reservations on the right-hand side
    • Note: Whenever a new reservation conflicts with an existing reservation and the Conflict view option is enabled, CivicRec highlights the conflicting reservation in red within the Preview.
  8. Add an Account at the top of the page
  9. (Optional) Configure additional Options for the Permit:
    • Event Title: Create a permit title
    • Status: Choose On-Hold, Pending, Reserved, or Tentative
    • Setup/Teardown Time (Minutes): If applicable, indicate how long the setup or teardown of the event will take
    • Reservation Notes: Enter any relevant notes
    • Alternative Reservation Description: Add an alternative description
  10. Choose a Save option
    • Save Permit: Saves the permit
    • Save As Estimate: Save as a price estimate
    • Permit Number: After you save, the Permit # will appear on the left-hand side
  11. If wanted, choose a View option
    • View Permit: View the permit
    • Background Jobs: View any current background jobs
  12. If wanted, click Bill Out to pay for the reservations


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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Angela Tao

    How do I book an conflict override permit? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Angela Tao

    How do I book an conflict override permit? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Brendan Bonavia

    Hi Angela!

    Permits adhere to the facility rules and configuration strictly, so you can't really override in that module. You can book conflict overrides in the Facility Calendar as long as you have the appropriate permission level!