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Drop-In FAQ/Troubleshoot


This article may help you troubleshoot some Drop-In issues.


Why does my Session say Activity?

  • If you click Create Session immediately after you create the Activity, the system may take a few minutes to refresh and load appropriately. Wait and try again. 

Why do I have to select a GL Code?

  • You will not be able to Save the Drop-In Session without a GL Code. 

Why do I have to select a Facility Schedule?

  • Your Drop-In Activity will not appear in the Catalog until you associate it with a Facility. 

Why can't I see my Drop-In in the Catalog?

  • When you select your Facility Schedule, you must also log-in under that Facility. For example, if you select the A.G. Wright Baseball Field, you must be in the A.G. Wright Middle School location. 
  • Additionally, you must select the current Day to see the Drop-In. For example, if "today" is Monday, you must select Monday to view the drop-in in the Catalog. Otherwise, you must wait for the day to see the Drop-In in the Catalog.

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