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Create a Payment Type


This article will show you how to create a Payment Type.

Important Note

CivicRec comes pre-configured with the basic payment types of Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, and User Credit. Organizations that accept other payment types like scholarships or vouchers will need to enter those here.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Payment Types
  2. Select Create Payment Type
  3. Fill in fields
    • Description: Brief description of Payment Type
    • GL Code: Select a GL (General Ledger) code
    • User Credit?: Indicates Yes/No; contact Support to turn on/off
    • Is Gift Card?: Indicates Yes/No; contact Support to turn on/off
    • Surcharge ($): Dollar amount for surcharges
    • Surcharge (%): Percent amount for surcharges
    • Min. Surcharge: Enter a minimum dollar amount for surcharges
    • Applies Over: Surcharge is applied if the charge to payment type is at least this amount
    • Surcharge GL Code: Select the GL code for surcharges
    • Surcharge In-House: Applies an in-house surcharge
    • Surcharge Online: Applies an online surcharge
    • Hide In-House: Disables offline/in-house processing of credit/debit payment types
    • Hide From List: Hide this payment type from the list of options on the payment screen
    • Valid Refund Type: Select to enable a Valid Refund Type
    • Cash Receipt Type: Select to enable a Cash Receipt Type
    • Use Quick Pay: Select to use QuickPay
      • Note: Does not apply to cash or credit/debit which are always used in QuickPay.
    • Credit Card Types: Choose from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover
    • Is Scholarship: Designate this payment to be assigned to scholarships. Once set, this cannot be undone. 
  4. Click Save New Payment Type

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Article Feedback

  • Avatar
    Emily Beezup COE

    The article states that Quick Pay does not apply to cash or credit. Can you clarify if the article is correct? Or is it stating that the default is to allow quick pay for cash and credit/debit? This is the language from the checkout screen: QUICKPAY — (CASH/CREDIT/POS ONLY).

  • Avatar
    Jackson Wright

    Hi Emily,

    To clarify, the "Use QuickPay" option does not apply to cash or credit/debit which are always used in QuickPay. That wording has been reflected as an update to this article.

    Thank you,
    Your Help Center Team

    Edited by Jackson Wright