Volunteer Management


Check-In and Check-Out Volunteers


The Check-In and Check-Out feature keeps track of the status of volunteers (in work or complete with work).

Important Note

This feature shows as green when the person checks-in and changes to a blue color when they track their time. When the volunteer finishes their duties, you can check them out with the blue check out icon.


  1. Enroll users in a Volunteer Opportunity
  2. Navigate to Activites > Volunteer Management
  3. Select the desired Volunteer Roster
  4. Assign a Participant a Volunteer Role, if that has not already been done
  5. Click Check-In to start the volunteer's time
  6. Click Check-Out once they are finished

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    Michelle Austin

    Is there a way to modify a check-in time? We would love to keep up with our volunteer hours with CivicRec, but do not always have the capability to assign technology in the field. We would like to import this data after the fact.