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Create a Coupon Code



This article will show you how to create a Coupon Code.

Important Note

There is only one code per coupon, not per user or customer.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Financial Settings > Discounts
  2. Select Create Discount
  3. Under Discount Type, select Coupon Discount
  4. Fill in specialty fields
    • Max Uses: Maximum number of times a coupon can be used by an individual user
      • Note: For General Use Coupons, Max Uses > 1
    • Coupon Text: What the customer inputs upon checkout to receive the discounted amount
    • Coupon Start Date: Date and time a coupon activates
    • Coupon Expiration Date: Date and time a coupon expires
  5. Fill in the other fields
    • Discount Name: Name the discount you will want to apply
    • One Time Discount: Click the checkbox to indicate that this discount can only be used once
    • Exclusive Discount: Click the checkbox if you do not want this discount to be combined with other discounts; other discounts will be removed when this Exclusive Discount is added
    • In House: Select this option to indicate if the discount is within the department
    • Online: Select this option to indicate that this discount is only applicable online
    • Applies To: Select the type of group that you want the discount to apply to
    • Default Amount: Enter the default discount amount, either in dollar or percentage amount
    • Default GL Code: Determine the General Ledger code from the drop-down menu
    • Instructor Applicable: Click this checkbox to determine whether this discount is included in instructor fees when using a percentage of registration fees
    • Auto-Billing Applicable: Click this checkbox to determine whether this discount is included in recurring auto-billing charges for memberships
  6. Select Save New Discount

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