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CivicRec does not endorse or recommend any merchants listed below. The links provided are only to facilitate further research. 



CivicRec provides this resource as a tool in helping our customers find the right hardware configuration for their particular needs. There are recommended models below for the most typical hardware used with CivicRec. Prices are not meant to be exact.


PC Workstation

CivicRec requires very little processing power since it runs through a browser. Of course, staff will always appreciate having a relatively modern and powerful PC.



  Includes touchscreen monitor


Barcode Reader

Barcode readers can range from the simple (inexpensive) to the powerful (expensive). The main difference is how closely and steadily a user has to hold the card in order for a read to take place. The nicer models can pick up the barcode even if it’s held a foot or two away and even at a slight angle. The inexpensive models require the user to place the card directly horizontal (and close) to the beam.

Note: Wonder which barcode scanners CivicRec accepts? In the specifications, you're looking for anything that says keyboard wedge or keyboard emulation.

Honeywell Orbit 7120
Very flexible on card positioning
POSX Brand. Scans up to 9.8” away


Credit Card Devices

CivicPlus has several payment gateways that support EMV transactions. All hardware will need to be purchased through your 3rd party gateway but should be one of the recommended devices listed on CP Pay.


Thermal (Receipt) Printer

The more modern printers attach via USB connection, although most still attach via a serial port. However, they all, typically, work reliably. CivicRec does not usually have trouble printing to any of these, although only a small number have been tested. Most of the receipt printers also support scoring (cutting) of the paper for easy tear off by staff.

Note: Cash drawers must be daisy-chained to a receipt printer using an RJ11 or similar connection. CivicRec does not support USB cash drawers plugged in directly.

Epson TM­T88V
POS­X EVO Green Thermal ­ USB
Epson TM- T20II Thermal Printer ­USB Cable and Power Supply

Most cash drawers connect directly to the thermal receipt printer. They typically trigger to open when the printer receives a print request.


Cash Drawer

Note: Cash drawers must be daisy-chained to a receipt printer using an RJ11 or similar connection. CivicRec does not support USB cash drawers plugged in directly.

Hewlett­Packard FK182AA#ABA
Attaches to and is triggered by an HP thermal printer 
POS­X ION Series Cash Drawer ­ 16" x 16" ­ Black  


Touchscreen Monitor
Touchscreens typically make the Point Of ­Sale environment flow a little faster, but they are not required. Staff may just appreciate some of the touch-friendly aspects of CivicRec POS. CivicRec is also close to releasing its enhanced Kiosk mode which will enable staff to take some of the functions they currently perform and move those to an outwardly facing device for use by the public (like Check­In, Renewals, and Sign­Ups).
Dell S2240T


Membership Card Printer
This is one of the more expensive hardware pieces that might need to be purchased. These typically run in the thousands although, like other hardware,­ there’s a wide range of products. One of the hidden costs of card printers is the recurring toner/ribbon costs that can easily run in the hundreds per year. These are a must-have though if you want to print the member’s name and/or picture on the card. There are alternatives to getting a card printer, the most common of which would be to order pre­printed cards that are already serialized with numbers. In this case, when a membership is sold, you would simply associate the pre-­printed number on the card with the user’s membership. (CivicRec facilitates this).


Pre-printed Key Fobs

This company, Dave Gill/Gill Associates Identification Systems, LLC,  has reached out to us though we have no direct work with them. They are an option you may look into. Visit the GillID Systems website.

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