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Receipt Printer / QZ Tray Troubleshooting


There are three items to troubleshoot:

  • Receipt printer's drivers, settings, and connection to the computer
  • QZ Tray
  • Settings in CivicRec


  • Check the physical connection to the PC
    • Note: If the printer physically connects to another computer, then this would be a network printer. The IT Department should troubleshoot in this case.
  • Printer Drivers download from the Printer manufacturer's website
  • Review printer settings

Once you check or are able to complete a test print, move on to Task 2.

3 common issues:

  • QZ Tray is not set to automatically start.
  • QZ Tray is not installed.
  • Issues with the installation of QZ Tray.

Note: You can remove and install the QZ to resolve issues with the installation. If there is a consistent issue that this cannot solve, then that is an issue that the client's IT Department must resolve.

 If You Experience This

 Try This

The printer connects via USB and shows online/active in Windows Printers/Devices screen, but CivicRec does not respond when you click Test Printer Connection
  1. Ensure QZ tray app 2.0 is running and that no other versions of the QZ tray app are installed
  2. Ensure QZ tray app does not have CivicPlus blocked in the Site Manager (QZ Tray Icon in the bottom right> Advanced> Site Manager)
  3. Ensure you use Google Chrome or IE11+ (Websockets do not work in earlier versions of IE)
Printer does not show online/active status in Windows Printers/Devices screen
  1. Ensure printer is plugged into a known working USB port and is powered on
  2. Try power cycling the printer and/or plugging it into a different USB port.
  3. If the printer shows as an Unknown Thermal Device or similar device (not as a printer), ensure the correct drivers were installed for the printer (they usually come with a CD).
  4. If the printer shows a connection but is " faded out", indicating it is offline, try to change the USB port to USB002 or USB001 in the Ports tab of the printer settings
Printer is SERIAL or uses a USB/SERIAL adapter
  1. Ensure a generic/text printer is added in Windows, pointing to COM4 (Port tab of printer settings). Sometimes it may be COM1.
  2. Ensure that CivicRec tests do show up in the print queue.
A print action from CivicRec shows in a print queue but does not actually print.
  1. Ensure the printer points to the correct port
  2. Ensure the printer has the driver installed (if USB)
CivicRec says "Printer found: Null" or "Printer not found"
  1. Ensure the printer name in CivicRec matches the name of a printer in Windows
  2. Fully restart QZ tray by exiting and re-opening, then refresh the CivicRec receipt printer configuration page
IE11: Could not connect to printer tray application
  1. Ensure that CivicPlus is Allowed by the QZ Tray Site Manager
  2. Go to IE's Internet Options screen > Security tab > choose Intranet Sites button.
  3. Ensure the first two checkboxes are unchecked and the last two are checked, then save the settings. Then refresh the receipt configuration page, and it should get a successful connection to the tray application.

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