Receipt Printer Configuration - Get Started


CivicRec can print/cut thermal receipts using your receipt printer, and pop open POS cash drawers. To do this, we use a Java plugin that prints directly to your receipt printer and/or cash drawer.

Important Note

Star TSP100 printers must configure in Epson ESC/POS mode for cash drawer and receipt cutting functionality.


  1. Connect your printer and/or cash drawer to your PC
    • For USB printers, make sure it is connected and you installed the drivers from the manufacturer (either by cd or downloaded). The printer should be visible in "Devices and Printers" in Windows.
    • For connecting directly via serial, see the "Connecting a Serial Printer in Windows" section at the bottom of the page.
    • Cash drawers can be plugged directly into the PC, or more commonly, they are plugged into the receipt printer, which is plugged directly into the PC.
  2. Install the QZ Tray App
    • Make sure you have the QZ Tray App installed, please view QZ Tray App 2.0 to install.
  3. Configure in CivicRec
  4. Use in CivicRec
  5. Connect a Serial Printer in Windows: Add a "generic / text only" printer named CivicRec for compatibility and/or serial printers
  6. Cash Drawer Command Setup for Windows

Next Steps

Visit our How to configure CivicRec for receipt printers article.

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