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Merge Duplicate Accounts



If you have duplicate accounts, this article will tell you how to merge their information.

View our article Undo Accidental Merge if you want to undo a merge.

Important Note

  • The two account holders must match. So, if one is just the child and the other is the whole family, you first have to add the parent to the account with just the child and merge the two parents. Then the child will appear twice on the whole family account. Then you just merge the two children on the family account and keep the family account. If you just merge the children the history will not go too.


  1. Search and select one of the accounts
  2. Select Merge for the user you want to merge accounts with
  3. Search and select the other user account
    • Note: Be sure all accounts have the same account holder. If the account holder does not show on all accounts they must be added and assigned as the account holder.
  4. Select which user to keep
    • Note: Decide the most recent account and update the name.
  5. Select Confirm Merge

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