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Reports Overview



Reports brings powerful features that give you more access, control, and customization of reports. This guide will introduce you to the basics of the reporting system, so you will know how to generate any report you need.


  1. Navigate to Reports
  2. Select the category of reports that you wish to view
  3. Select a specific Report to view
    • Note: Next steps are optional.
  4. Select filters
    • Edit From and To dates
    • To filter, select the Filters button
      • Note: Different report types will have different filters; tabs on the left side are categories.
      • To finalize Filters, click Apply
    • Select Fields to reveal a list of fields to include in the report
      • Note: Menu contains a list of categorized fields in CivicRec that you can include in any report. To sort fields alphabetically, click the A-Z icon
      • To finalize Fields, click Apply
    • Select the Refresh icon to reload the page
  5. View report
  6. (Optional) Select Exporting options
    • Select Printer icon to print the report
      • Print Report: Print normally
      • Print Report: Print on separate pages
      • Account Holder Mailing Labels: Print as mailing labels
      • Individual Mailing Labels: Print as mailing labels
        • Note: Some reports may only have the option to Print Report normally.
    • Select the Grid Icon to export the report as an Excel spreadsheet
      • Normal: A regular spreadsheet with filters
      • Raw: Includes all the data without sections and tallies
    • Select the Envelope Icon to email a report
      • In Email Body: Spreadsheet will be content in the email
      • Exported as Attachment: Will be attached as an Excel attachment
        • Email Report To: Input email addresses separated by commas
        • Email Lookup: Search tool to find email addresses
      • Include Report:
        • In Email Body: Spreadsheet will be content in the email
        • Exported as Attachment: Will be attached as an Excel attachment
      • Select Send to deliver the email(s)
    • Select the Calendar Icon to set up a report to run automatically
      • Schedule: Choose from None, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
      • Start Date/Time: Choose when to start the automatic reports
      • End Date (Optional): When to end automatic reports
      • Include Report: Will be sent as an email, either in the body or as an attachment
      • Email Report To: Input email addresses
      • Email Lookup: Search tool to find email addresses
      • Auto Dates: Determines the date range used
      • Select Save to save the schedule
    • Select the Save icon to further customize a report
      • Last Updated: Displays when the report was last changed
      • Report Title: Title of custom report
      • Who Can See It?: Choose from Me Only or All Staff
      • Description: Brief description of the report
      • Current Location: Select to identify current location
      • Select Save to save the report
    • Select the Communicate tab to send a Mass Communication Email
      • Note: Not all reports have the Communicate option.

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