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Features of Reports


This article will describe Print, Export, Email, Automated/Scheduled Report, Custom Reports, and Communication features of Reports.

Important Note

Not all reports will have all available features.


  • Select the printer icon to print the report
    • Note: Make sure to test your printer settings with a small report before you print multiple pages.

Export Spreadsheet

  • Click the spreadsheet icon to export as an excel spreadsheet
    • Normal Export: Includes sections and tallies
    • Raw Export: Includes all data without sections and tallies

Email Report

  • Select the letter icon to email a report
    • Email Report To: Input email recipient(s)
    • Email Lookup: Search for email addresses
    • Include Report: Choose to include the report as body content in the email or as an attachment

Automate Reports on a Schedule

  • Select the calendar icon to set up a report to run automatically
    • Schedule: Select from Daily, Weekly, or Monthly automatic reports
    • Start Date/Time & End Date: Select Start Date and End Date (optional)
    • Include Report: Choose to include the report as body content in the email or as an attachment
    • Email Report To: Input email recipients
    • Email Lookup: Search for email addresses
    • Auto Dates: Determines the date range used, relative to the time the report is run

Save Custom Reports

  • Select the disc icon to save a custom report
    • Last Updated: Date of last modification to report
    • Report Title: Modify report title
    • Who Can See It?: Choose from viewable only by you or viewable for whole staff
    • Description: Brief description of report
    • Current Location: Check if the report is for the current location
    • Save Changes: Click to save modifications to report


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