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Assign a Survey to a Facility



This article will show you how to assign a Survey to a Facility.


  1. Navigate to Facilities > Facility List
  2. Expand a Location 
  3. Edit a Facility 
  4. In the Basics tab, specify the survey settings
    • Survey Template: Select the survey template
    • Survey Timing: Indicate the number of days and whether you would like the survey to send before or after the session ends
      • Note: If you enter 0 or leave the Days field blank, that defaults the survey to send the day that the session ends.
    • Note: Surveys currently ask the following:
      1. How would you rate {program}?
      2. How would you rate {organization}?
      3. How would you rate your instructor(s)?
      4. How would you rate the online technology used in the registration process?
      5. Do you have any additional feedback that will help us better serve the community?
      6. Note: Numbers 1-4 is a rating out of 5; Number 5 provides a text entry box for comments.
  5. Select Save Facility

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